Seniors [50+] Tours

Seniors on Tour!

Regardless of age, we can never be too old to have fun! Everyone loves to enjoy life. We show & have respect along with a caring attitude for everyone.

It is not over, if you don’t say it’s over! never too old for fun & explore!

Footprint Tours considers this as your official permission to switch the routine, soak up some fresh air & sunlight [Vit D – which provides mental & emotional benefits], & put an extra spring in your step.

Travelling is always a rewarding experience. Footprint Tours always do our best to ease the cost on your travel expenses, while having a great adventure. Almost all our tours are suitable for seniors.

Once a person reaches that magic age of retirement, it’s a time for relaxation & leisure, to engage with others while visiting extraordinary places, to participate in new & different environments that provides many benefits, stimulation, social interaction, keep active, encouraging you to build self-esteem for a high quality of life; be excited about life, interests & try new things together as often as possible. Engaging, meaningful conversation & activities stimulate your mind & you experience a feeling of self-worth, enjoyment & a sense of positive self-esteem.

Encourage Seniors to Participate

What did you enjoy when you were younger? What did you always wish to try? What do you miss doing or would you like to revisit? There’s no better time than now to tick of your bucket-list, with a burst of adventure suited to your abilities. Having such an extraordinary time, you will feel mentally refreshed.

Animal encounters & interfacing with animals offers numerous advantages, with a much-needed escape from the pressures & challenges of daily life & creates a separate realm of wonder, where you can experience moments of excitement & peace, keep your minds sharp, bodies strong & spirits high, improving your quality of life.

Be a tourist. Grow in experience. Interact, learn from others & be inspired. Observe nature. Travel widely feeling alive with Footprint Tours & have lots of fun!

Thought for the day:     

We are good as individuals, but become better when we blend with the right people and the greatest tonic of laughter.”