These West Coast, Namaqua & Olifants River Valley tours are perfect for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway far from the stresses of the city, with magnificent scenery and nature. A visit to Namakwaland will provide just rewards. It is a place to fall in love with and to which you wish to return again. Namaqua means one of the greatest natural flower shows on earth, and also includes the indigenous quiver tree!  How exciting! The West Coast is also famous for its delicious seafood. Visit the crayfish Mecca of South Africa; birdlife, which includes the popular gannets and cormorants at Bird Island; photographic opportunities with colourful fishing boats and white-washed cottages. Olifants River Valley has citrus orchards and vineyards, where we will share an interesting story about Napoleon. Some of these tours can be arranged as a reversal, on request, to suit your expectations. Please select an image to view more information:

west coast - paternoster
West Coast – Cape Town – 5 Days
namakwaland flowers
Namaqualand Flowers & WC (Jhb-CT) – 7 Days (Popular!)
Namakwaland Flowers & WC (CT-Jhb) – 7 Days (Popular!)
namaqualand flowers
Namakwaland Flowers – Cape Town – 4 Days (Popular!)
namaqua at its best
Special DEALS – Namaqua
vellies / velskoen - namaqua
Namaqua Flowers – Swartland
swartland mountains
Namaqua Flowers – Swartland – NC
namaqua flowers
Olifants River Valley – Sandveld – 4 Days